Air Conditioning Maintenance

In Utah, your air conditioner is like a lifeline. It would be hard to endure a summer day without it. How can you be sure you never have to? By getting annual air conditioner maintenance from the leading HVAC company in Midvale: Paul Brothers Heating & Air

Why Get Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Like maintenance for any home system, your car or even yourself, your air conditioner needs maintenance. When we maintain our physical health, we call it a checkup and when we maintain air conditioners, we call it a tuneup, but it’s essentially the same thing: We rely on an expert to see if anything is wrong and needs attention.

Many people get neither tuneups nor checkups and simply wait for a part to break or fall off, but our HVAC company doesn’t recommend this. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

When you get regular air conditioner maintenance, our technicians are able to check at the beginning of the season for potential issues with your air conditioner such as parts that are worn. We can replace them at this time, rather than waiting for them to break on their own, which always seems to happen in the middle of the hottest night of the year.

Not only does air conditioner maintenance help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns, but it also helps your air conditioner run more efficiently. It will cool your home better and cycle off and on less frequently. That saves you money on your electric bill.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Include?

As a homeowner, you can do your part with air conditioner maintenance by changing the air filter regularly. An air filter clogged with dust, dirt, smoke or pet dander blocks the cool air from getting into your home. It confuses your AC unit because it knows it has been running in an effort to get the temperature down, but it’s not happening. This can lead to an AC breakdown.

The rest of your air conditioning maintenance list should be left to a professional HVAC company in Midvale. This includes checking all electrical connections and tightening them when necessary, lubricating all moving parts, and checking controls, the drain line and the thermostat as well as all other essential functions of your air conditioning unit.

For a free estimate or a free second opinion from the licensed HVAC professionals at Paul Brothers Heating & Air, call our Midvale office at (385) 376-3255 today – we also offer 24/7 emergency services!

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